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UPMA US (Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America) is a leading non-profit organization of Uttar Pradesh in North America to help promote & preserve its rich cultural legacy and create a platform for sharing socio-economic Growth, charitable causes, and cultural exchange through mutual participation.

  • Charitable & Secular

  • Belief in the rich heritage, cultural legacy of UP

  • Our members are our core assets

  • Encourage mutual growth and partnership with similar organizations worldwide

  • Respect and value individual contributions

  • Foster family values while bridging generation gaps

  • Exceeding expectations through teamwork.

  • Honor and respect the freedom, opportunity and resources in the United States of America.

  • Carry forward our rich Cultural Legacy to the future generation


Non-profit Society

UPMA is a non-profit organization for U.P. community in the Bay Area.

Tax ID: 20-4237546